Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs- For patients

Ecure and Registration:

A.You can go through the website or download the app on your computer, tab, or mobile from google Play Store or from apple App Store.

Appointments/ Payments:

A.Patient can search the doctor directly or through the hospital, on our portal or through our doctor/ hospital specific link. He needs to go to the appointment page and book the appointment.

A. You should give all the basic information asked in the form. You should also write about your problems in a chronological order( on a time line) and give all possible details. You should write which is your most important and current important problem. What other conditions are ailing you, etc. What were your past illnesses. You can have enough time to unhurriedly mention all your problems and give details. You can write it , or scan it and upload it for the doctor.

A. Yes, it is a paid service, like you go to the doctor’s clinic and pay there.

A. Yes, there will be transaction charges, like in every online transfers by the service provider on every transaction.

A. Yes, you may be charged the fee again for an "in-person consultation"?

Cancellation and Refund:

A. yes you can cancel an appointment and the ( transaction charges, both ways, will be deducted .

A. No. You cannot get the fee back . However, you can request the doctor’s office. Sometimes they can decide to give you some refund in some select cases.


A. Doctor will see you only once in one consultation fee. Every consultation will be charged. However, he will see your report uploaded later and advice you.

.A. No, teleconsultation has its limitations. Doctor can not touch you and certain examinations can not be done. He may call you for a consultation in person or seek help of other doctors to assist you.

A. No. In case of an emergency you should rush to a hospital or doctor who could provide you emergency care.

A. Yes, telemedicine is a good tool for follow up consultations.

A. No, you cannot force a doctor to give you teleconsultation, even if you are her old patient, and need emergency care.

A. Doctors are busy professionals and can get stuck in a difficult case or emergency. You should be patient. You may contact doctor’s office to give you another appointment or cancel your appointment. If you cancel it, transaction charges will be deducted.

A. Yes, if she decides at any point that teleconsultation is not the suited way for you she can refuse consultation. Your fee may be refunded with deduction of transaction fee, on sole discretion of the doctor’s office.

Reports and Prescription :

A. Yes you can upload all your reports, before the consultation and even after the consultation.

A. If the doctor is satisfied by the consultation , he will give you a prescription. You can download it and save it and send it to a pharmacy to purchase medicine. If you want you can order it online.

A. Yes, if the doctor is not satisfied with the consultation, or wishes to see you in person, or wishes to wait for the reports to come , he may not give you a prescription. Few drugs can not be prescribed on teleconsultation or must be administered in a hospital setup. If some other registered medical practitioner is involved and can help you get those drugs then the doctor can prescribe those medicines.

Consent :

Yes, you need to give an expressed consent for teleconsultation in writing and often in video. This is a mandatory procedure. Doctor will not give you consultation without a consent.

A. Only way to do it is to cancel your appointment before consultation . No consent, no consultation. Consent is mandatory for consultation. If you connect, your consent is implied.

Telemedicine :

A. It is legal in India and most other countries. Different countries may have different telemedicine practice rules though.

A. There are many limitations of teleconsultations- doctor does not touch you, he may not be able to do many examinations, he may not understand your personality , he may ask you to come in person for a final decision on treatment or surgery. However, many gadgets may help him examine you and also presence of a medical practitioner my help him and you.

A. There are many advantages of telemedicine. You need not go to the hospital or doctors’ chamber and therefore you save travel time, expenses, exposure to harsh weather and crowd and hospital acquired infections. You can wait in the convenience of your home or office in doctor’s virtual waiting room, and take consultation from there. Consultation from a doctor sitting in a different city can be taken without even taking a step out of your home. You save time, money, travel and hassles.

Confidentiality and data: :

A. yes, your consultation is encrypted both ways and is confidential. However, random sampling for quality assurance can be done and the doctor and the hospital may keep your medical data for record.

A. No Ecure will not share your data with anybody, unless legally required.

A. No. That becomes the medical record in doctor’s office and remains confidential.

A. Yes, and they make important part of your medical documents.

Q & A for doctors and Hospitals

A. Ecure is the most advance and easy to use telemedicine platform. It is encrypted and maintains all confidentiality. It complies with the telemedicine guidelines.

A. You can use it from or by clicking here on your Computer or Laptop.

A. Yes , you have to pay a nominal subscription fee and rest in each transaction or consultation.

A. This professional service brings you enormous ease in teleconsultation and we are available 24x7 to serve you. It is a small cost that can be added in your fee so you get your entire fee. Patients will happily pay a small extra amount for this convenience . They are also saving a lot of money in travel etc. It increases footfalls in your virtual clinic.

A. Yes it is legal, and should be practiced in accordance with the given practice guidelines.

A. Patients get appointment by searching you directly or through your hospital affiliations or by your specific link generated when you register with us. You can send them the link.

A. No, you will be visible to them only when you register in Ecure.

A. Yes , registration with Ecure markedly increases your visibility and makes it convenient for your prospective and existing patients to connect with you and get your consultation.

A. Yes, It increases the patient care. Patients can show to a doctor as soon as the symptom arise and take frequent follow up visits, without wasting time ,energy and money and from the convenience of her home.

A. Yes, you can refuse the teleconsultation if you do not find it suitable or can call the patient for in person consultation.

A. Yes you can refund full or part of your consultation fee. Only the transaction charges will be deducted.

A. Yes you can give free consultation by giving appointment yourself from your office for upto 10% of your patients

A. Yes you can prescribe medicine through Ecure and patient will receive a prescription. However, you can not prescribe medicine of schedule H. Please see the telemedicine practice guidelines.

A. yes you can refuse a prescription of medicine and can just give advice or refuse or abort teleconsultation?

A. You can not prescribe schedule H medicines, and also Injectables if you are not sure that they can be given to the patient safely.

A. yes you can prescribe injections ?? if you are not sure that they can be given to the patient safely.

A. If you feel that teleconsultation is not sufficient for a prescription or advise, you can call the patient for an in person consultation or ask him to go to a hospital or doctor.

A. Yes you can cancel the consultation in-between if you think it is not suitable for the patient or you. You should refund his fee though.

A. yes, you can refuse teleconsultation.

A. You should avoid emergency consultation , however, if other qualified doctor is seeing the patient and needs your assistance and advice, you can help him.

A. yes you can keep the record of the patient.

A. You will get multiple reports from the Ecure besides your appointment and consultation management. Yu will get daily, monthly, weekly and yearly reports of all your appointments, consultations that went through, consultations that generated prescription, consultation that required a in- person consultation, revenue generated, patient’s demography and location. You will have access to patients medical record.

A. You will get money in your account every 15 days.

Q. A minimum bank/ service provider charges will be deducted for each transaction.

A. 10% plus GST, of your consultation will be deducted for the services.

A. A facilitation charges of Rs. 20 or 10% of consultation fee plus GST , whichever is more, will be charged.