Medical Guidance Services

This service assists you to choose the right doctor or specialist in case you are not able to decide who would be the best doctor for you.
There are situations when you need a genuine advice and guidance to reach out to a right specialist in time. An advice in time saves many days and weeks of sufferings.

We bring to you ECURE DOCTOR, a person you can count on to help you manage your health and guide you in many ways...

Common services include:

  • Screenings for common health problems
  • Assessment of your symptoms, prescribing preliminary investigations and starting right treatment in time.
  • Reference to a right specialist in time when required. Follow up treatment.
  • Treatment of elderly and bedridden people.
  • Help you take decisions regarding your health and illnesses.
  • An Ecure doctor is just a call away. Book an immediate appointment- get set-go.
  • Prescribing medications.